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Certified Feline Master Groomer

About Us

I have a secret about the cat grooming industry. It's full of gimmicky products sold to make a quick buck because most companies know that cat owners are desperate and confused about what works best for grooming their cat.

In my many days of working with cats I have found that when it comes to grooming supplies needed it's pretty simple. I've been using the same products in my salon for years and all of them are effective, safe, and easy to use. By far the most popular question asked on a daily basis on all of my social media platforms is "how do I find a cat groomer?" or..."there is no cat groomer in my area, not even my vet will help me. What do I do?" Unfortunately for most people there is just not a cat groomer in their area and there's a good chance there never will be. No one wants to take the risk when it comes to grooming cats. It's messy, requires a lot of bravery, and you have to be very good at reading a random cat's behavior. Simply put...grooming dogs is just easier! So what DO YOU DO? All the answers you need are here.

I'm here to be your cat groomer from afar. I want to help you get that dirty booty clean, those nails trimmed, and that shedding under control. All with simple tools that will last for years, and are safe to use for you and your cat. It's time for cat lovers to have a shop built SPECIFICALLY FOR THEM, by a cat professional that knows what works. Thanks for visiting my shop, and for trusting me from afar with your cat!